Transformation Ink

Local Artist and Business Owner Suzen Tattoozen and Business/Nonprofit Entrepreneur and Elected Official, Vanessa Truett have partnered before to support philanthropic causes. Their friendship was born when Truett co-founded a nonprofit for parents of children on the spectrum by using cloud based technology (FaceBook) to ensure free access to support 24/7 thereby reducing the isolation that often accompanies disability. Tattoozen, well known artist and community activist, agreed to organize and donate artistic services and money to support the small grassroots profit through a tattoo fundraiser, called “Ink for Autism”. The first year it earned 500 dollars, each year more and more shops joined in, and last year Tattoozen raised thousands of dollars, purchasing augmentative communication devices and had a weeklong music festival.

Many other partnerships emerged through their friendship, but this past week their latest project came to fruition as Tattoozen performed her first sex trafficking cover up tattoos, funded by Truett. Details are forthcoming, but preliminary requirements for participation in the project are:

1. Be in recovery for at least six months.
2. One Cover up offered by Tattoozen per quarter
3. Three hour minimum
4. Agree to give a quote about what a cover up means to you.

Funding and donations can be sent
to PAYPAL directly thru e-mail at
[email protected]***

”I feel empowered, it’s a symbol of my strength and beauty… No longer an ugly scar.”