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We require a deposit which does 3 things:

  1. Most importantly, goes toward the price of your tattoo day of appointment
  2. Secures a date and time for your appointment
  3. Allows your artist to go to the drawing board for your design


*All tattoo deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE If you do not show up for your appointment, you forfeit your deposit and you will have to pay in full to schedule a new appointment. If you need to reschedule an appointment, we require 5 Business Day’s notice or you will forfeit your deposit. Further, you will have to pay in full for a new appointment. If you provide at least 5 Business Days to reschedule, we will transfer your deposit to your new appointment.  Please call 541-255-2734 with any questions.

Aftercare Suggestions:

Leave Saniderm on skin for 7 DAYS. (Unless otherwise instructed.)

To remove: Preferably in the shower and after you've washed everything else, allow warm water to run on the covered tattoo. Peel it off from the top down, while keeping the barrier film close to the skin as its being peeled off. It will be full of liquid (ink, blood, plasma). Thoroughly wash your hands with with the tattoo soap provided in your after care kit or liquid antibacterial hand soap (such as DIAL). Then wash the tattoo gently with hands only, letting the soap do all the work. Rinse thoroughly.

Pat (do NOT rub) the tattoo with a fresh paper towel. Then let the tattoo air dry for approximately 1 hour. Then apply a very light coat after care lotion provided in your after care kit.

The next morning and every day after: Wash the tattoo, rinse thoroughly, and pat tattoo dry with a paper towel. Apply lotion once dry. Repeat at night.

How to Start
the Tattoo Process

Sometimes this takes research. Please review my work and check my style for a match. I hope I am the artist for you, but it's also essential to make sure you receive the best result. If I cannot take on your project, I can introduce you to other artists that specialize in your Tattoo request. That's still a win!

This is important to building our relationship! Hopefully, it will answer some of your questions about my tattoo process before we begin.

Please include placement, approximate size, and detailed request. I
review Tattoo requests and emails weekly, so please be patient with response time. I do my best to respond within 7 to 10 working days.

Suzen's Q & A

Please read all of the Booking Posts and FAQ Page. 

This is important to building our relationship! It will answer some of your questions about my tattoo process prior to our consultation.

I book out 4 to 6 months in advance; however, starting in 2022, I will book out three months at a time. I have limited space in my schedule and wish I could get to each of you. Once my schedule is filled, I will close the requests until the next round. I encourage clients with larger, multi-session, and ongoing pieces to book several sessions in advance. It is important to me to take care of each of you with respect for your time and mine.

Either way, I will contact you and let you know if we will be moving forward. I may ask for more information from you if I cannot visualize a picture from your request. Responses may take 7-10 days to get a call or email response. Please note that once I close my request line, there is no guarantee I will get to new requests and will need to resubmit a request next round.

Your consultation can take five minutes for up to 30 minutes. However long it takes to discuss and formulate a plan that will create a design and flow your individual body. Sometimes we vibe so much that we go a bit longer. However, I try to commit to 45-minute bookings as I will set up a consultation day for multiple requests.

When I need feedback or clarity, I may bring you in for a second consult/art showing in some design situations. However, in general, you can expect that I will reveal the artwork on the day of the appointment. Small modifications can always be made on the day of your appointment. If you completely change your mind about our initial, agreed-upon plan, you may need to leave another deposit, and we will start the process over. If there are any changes or you are apprehensive about anything, please contact me ASAP to discuss or reconsider booking until your idea is more solid

I focus not only on your tattoo art but also on your comfort and overall tattoo experience. So you can expect to be my only client of the day. During our consultation, I will create a vision for you: what to expect for our day together and how that will look. My sessions are flat rates because the value is in the finished piece.

Skin can be an unpredictable canvas. I cannot predict how many hours a completed design will take, but I always give you my best estimate with so many different factors.
I prefer to charge by the piece. My base rate is $450. My half-day rate is $900, and a full day rate is $1800. So please be prepared to put HALF DOWN. DEPOSITS MAKE IT OFFICIAL: it secures our date, it ALL goes toward your tattoo, and it retains my services for pre-production.