Care new tattoo

From Visually.

Aftercare Suggestions:

Leave Saniderm on skin for 4 DAYS. (Unless otherwise instructed.)

To remove: Preferably in the shower and after you've washed everything else, allow warm water to run on the covered tattoo. Peel it off from the top down, while keeping the Saniderm close to the skin as its being peeled off. It will be full of liquid (ink, blood, plasma). Thoroughly wash your hands with liquid antibacterial hand soap (such as DIAL). Then wash the tattoo gently with hands only, letting the soap do all the work. Rinse thoroughly.

Pat (do NOT rub) the tattoo with a fresh paper towel. Then let the tattoo air dry for approximately 1 hour. Then apply a very light coat of additive and scent free daily moisturizing lotion (hypoallergenic recommended).

The next morning and every day after: Wash the tattoo, rinse thoroughly, and pat tattoo dry with a paper towel. Apply lotion once dry. Repeat at night.