Watercolor Tattoo

Suzen is one of the leading watercolor tattoo artists in Eugene.

“Watercolor tattoos break all the rules, no outlines, just color. Bright, bold, abstract-not for the traditionalist or the wallflower-color.

The style of watercolor ink is modeled after the style watercolor painting in which water is the vehicle for the pigment rather than oil.

With watercolor the purpose is to stand out with vibrancy. A watercolor tattoo is applied the same way any other tattoo would be. The difference is in the brushstroke appearance and wispy feel of the artwork. Watercolor tattoos drip and splatter, screaming for attention. Since watercolor works are the definition of coloring outside the lines the big question is, will they last? Are watercolor tattoos worth the pain sparked by whimsical inspiration? Fact is, every tattoo will need a touch up at some point, even the ones with the cleanest outlines. With watercolor though, things can get blurry down the road (literally) since there was no outline to begin with. It’s difficult to trace over lines that aren’t there.

Watercolor tattoos are a recent trend becoming increasingly popular for their loud statement of originality. Just like snowflakes, no two watercolor pieces are the same. With any permanent edition to your body the best first step to take is research. Look at what’s out there and decide if watercolor ink is worth personal investment. Find an artist who has appreciation for the style you want and the skill to execute blazing results. ”

From Tattoodo