Next-Level Tattoo Artistry
Custom-Tailored With Care.

Small Tattoos
From simple and meaningful to fun, quirky, and off-the-cuff... no matter the size, we're here to celebrate your tattoo with you.

One-Shot Tattoos
Many of our artists have pre-designed art available to be tattooed one time, and one time only. Check out our custom, one-0f-a-kind creations next time you visit the studio, or by popping over to the Artists page and asking!

Large-scale Tattoos
Bring us your ingredients, and we will use our skills to craft a custom design that fits your body like a finely tailored suit or evening gown. Your tattoo should look like it's always been a part of you.

Cover-Up & Repair Tattoos
We are skilled at reworking and renewing those old tattoos that you want brought back to life. We're also experts at masking that old/unwanted tattoo with a new, brilliant piece of art.